Jazz guitarist Roland Gresham is a native of Nashville, Tennessee.  He grew up under the influence of his father who was also a jazz guitarist, and a fan of legendary guitarist Wes Montgomery.  Roland started playing guitar at the age of six with no formal training.  By the time he was in high school he could play along with any song heard on the radio, and won the talent contest his freshman year.  By the age of twenty, Roland was performing for banquets, wedding receptions, and other events.  In the early 1980's Roland discovered the music of George Benson, and quickly became a fan.  Shortly after, people started comparing his sound to that of George Benson, a comment often repeated today.

Roland has recorded several CDs during his career, including "Pillow Talk,"  "Holiday Memories," and various gospel jazz recordings.  His latest recording, “Memories of Michael Jackson,” is a tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson.  It has been said that Roland Gresham plays music that TOUCHES THE SOUL!!!